Julian Huppert’s expenses visualised

It was Cambridge MP Julian Huppert’s 33rd birthday on Thursday, and the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) marked the occasion by publishing details of what he’s been spending our money on (along with details for the other 649 MPs). In this period Julian cost the taxpayer £168,587.16. Here’s the graph:

As you can see, by far the largest items were Julian’s salary, and his costs of employing the staff who work for him in Cambridge and Westminster.

These figures cover the last financial year, from 6 April 2010 to 5 April 2011, though of course though Julian wasn’t elected until 6 May 2010. IPSA also publish a more detailed breakdown of Julian’s expenses claims, which cover most of the non-salary costs. These total £17,823, and break down as follows:

It’s also interesting to look at the amounts per month:

Remember that these figures are relatively small compared to the salary costs. But it does give an interesting picture of the expenses over time; office set-up costs soon after Julian was elected, then a fairly quiet period in the summer and autumn of last year, before his expenses increased this year. The two large orange blocks in January and February are rental for his Cambridge office, which is in the Cambridge Lib Dem HQ in Signet Court, off Newmarket Road. The other notable feature is that towards the end of last year Julian started claiming for accommodation in London. His predecessor, David Howarth, lived in Cambridge throughout his period as MP and commuted to Westminster, and although Julian did so too for a few months, it looks like he now has a second home nearer Parliament.

Disclaimer: I’ve known Julian for a long time; I was his election agent when he first stood as a candidate for the County Council in 2001. I campaigned for him in last year’s General Election, and though I’ve since resigned from the Lib Dems, I think he’s doing a good job as Cambridge MP. But my intention here is to present the data, not to make a political point.

Update: Richard Taylor has also written about Julian’s expenses.

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3 Responses to Julian Huppert’s expenses visualised

  1. Very interesting Phil.
    Do you have time to produce something similar for the region’s other MPs?

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