Cambridge household income

How much does a typical Cambridge household earn? Cambridgeshire County Council’s Research Group has published some data that gives an interesting picture. Here are the figures for the whole of Cambridge city:

These numbers cover 2009, and are for gross income before tax is taken off. They cover income from all sources, including salaries, investments, income support and welfare payments. It looks like they don’t cover students living in college.

Another way to look at the data is to show the number of households earning below each income level:

Find your household income on the horizontal axis, then go up to the curve, and across to the vertical axis. This gives the percentage of Cambridge households that earn less than you do. Congratulations.

The figures also cover each of Cambridge’s wards individually. Here are the median incomes for each ward – half the households have higher incomes, half have lower:

Queen Edith’s, Castle and Newnham top the table at £36,500; Kings Hedges and Abbey are at the bottom of the list at £25,900. I’m a little surprised that Romsey scores higher than Trumpington. My own ward, Arbury, is only £1,600 below the all-Cambridge figure of £30,000. Without knowing more about the income of those earning over £100,000 it’s difficult to know exactly what the total household income of Cambridge is, but it looks like it’s in the region of £1.7 billion.

Another interesting thing to do is to see how household income in each ward relates to other data. Here is a graph showing the relationship between household income for each ward and vote shares in the 2010 city council elections:

It looks like the Lib Dems had more support in the better-off wards (though this will also have been affected by the student vote), whereas Labour were stronger in the lower-income areas. Interestingly the Conservative and Green votes did not seem to be so strongly related to household incomes.

Thanks to Colin Rosenstiel for election data.

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2 Responses to Cambridge household income

  1. Emily says:

    But how do people on the average household incomes afford to live in Cambridge? Houses are so expensive. Do they all rent?

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