Life Expectancy in Cambridge

The County Council allowances controversy is still rumbling on, but it’s time to turn to an altogether more cheerful subject: death. The Office for National Statistics has recently published some data giving life expectancy figures for local authority areas across the UK. How does Cambridge compare? Well, unlike certain other things, it’s pretty typical of the UK as a whole:

The length of each bar horizontally shows the number of local authority areas with that life expectancy figure.

Male life expectancy in Cambridge is 78.8, 0.6 years more than the UK figure of 78.2. Women do significantly better than men, with a life expectancy of 83.2 in Cambridge, 0.9 years above the UK figure of 82.3, and 4.4 years more than the male Cambridge figure.

There are some remarkable outliers in the data. Bottom by some way is Glasgow City (men 71.6, women 78.0). Top by an even larger margin is Kensington and Chelsea (men 85.1, women 89.8). The smallest different between male and female life expectancy is 1.5 years in Rutland; the largest is 8 years in Eilean Siar (the Western Isles).

Data via the Guardian’s datablog.

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