Petition on County Council Allowances

The Liberal Democrats have been gathering signatures for a petition against the 25% rise in County Councillors’ allowances, and according to news reports now have over 600 signatures online as well as 500 on paper. We can’t easily analyse the signatures on paper, but the on-line system does give us a bit of information.

So far the on-line petition’s best day was Monday, and things have tailed off a little since then:

Of course, the night is young. We can also look at where the signatures are coming from:

Top of the list is Histon & Impington, but most of the Cambridge wards are fairly high up the list, except Newnham for some reason. And indeed Cambridge does seem to be providing disproportionately more signatures, though not enormously so:

We can only speculate whether this is because the city is more anti-Conservative or just more online than the rest of the county. County Council leader Nick Clarke’s own ward of Fulbourn has registered just three signatures on the on-line petition so far. It will be interesting to see what role the issue plays in the next County Council elections in May 2013. Fulbourn was a three-way marginal at the last elections:

How upset will Cllr Clarke’s voters be about allowances at the next elections? Time will tell.

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