The Political Map of Cambridge

The last local elections were good news for the Labour Party, who won more votes and seats than they had done for many years. They won in eight of Cambridge’s 14 wards, with the Lib Dems taking the other six. But where in the city are the various parties strongest?

Here are some maps that use intensity of colour to represent the share of the vote that each party got at the last local elections in each of Cambridge’s 14 wards. (You can find a map with ward names here). Firstly, Labour:

Labour are strongest in the east of the city, scoring their best result in Cherry Hinton with slightly over half the vote. They did relatively less well in hotly-contested Romsey, the triangle to the east of the city centre.

The Lib Dems, conversely, are stronger in the west:

Their best showings were in Queen Edith’s and West Chesterton, with some very low vote shares in some of the eastern seats.

The Conservatives won no seats, but still picked up a reasonable share of the vote:

They are clearly stronger in the south, and did worst in Romsey and Petersfield.

The Greens didn’t win any seats this year:

They are strongest in Abbey ward, the only ward where they have previously won seats, and they also had a reasonable showing in Market and Castle. They didn’t run a candidate in King’s Hedges ward at all this year.

Finally, here are the actual results of the election, showing Labour winning eight seats in the north and east of the city, and the Lib Dems winning six in the south and west:

Thanks to Colin Rosenstiel for election results and Wikipedia for maps.

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