County Council Allowances Petition – an update

Update: Earlier today the County Council’s standards committee decided that flaws in the way the allowances review panel was appointed mean that the allowances review will have to be done all over again. Here’s the rest of the article written before this decision:

Judging by my referrer logs, there’s quite a lot of interest in the campaign against the proposed 25% increase in Cambridgeshire County Councillors allowances, so here’s an update on how the petition is doing. After my earlier article, councillor Belinda Brooks-Gordon tweeted that it was a bit premature to describe the number of signatures as tailing off last Tuesday, and it seems that she had a point. Here’s the state of play at the end of Saturday 29 October, when the petition had 1,067 on-line signatures.

I’ve also done a bit more analysis of the geographical distribution of signatures. The County Council’s system gives the district council ward for each signature, so we can look at which districts have most petitioners. Here’s the leader board at the end of Saturday:

Cambridge City and South Cambs are both well represented, with Huntingdonshire also breaking in to the top ten and East Cambs some way behind. There have been very few signatures from Fenland, with its top ward being March West, down in joint 52nd place with just 6 signatures. Here’s a graph of the signatures from each district for each day of the petition so far:

This shows that signatures from Cambridge and South Cambs have indeed been tailing off during the week, with Huntingdonshire growing from a small base to take the lead in the second half of last week. Meanwhile East Cambs and Fenland have mostly remained quieter. Will there be a stronger showing from these districts next week?

The Lib Dems have also been busily gathering signatures on paper, so it remains to be seen what the eventual total for the petition will be. It’s already well ahead of any other petition on the County Council’s system, though it has a long way to go to match the total of 10,389 signatures reached by the petition against the City Council’s proposal to relocate the Lion Yard public toilets. There are four weeks to go until the allowances petition closes.

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