Mapping Unemployment in Cambridge

A few weeks ago I looked at Cambridge’s position in the UK unemployment figures. It’s relatively good, with only 1.9% of the working-age population claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA). I’ve since been digging into the figures a bit more on the Nomis website, which publishes a huge amount of information about the state of the labour market. Here are some more details about the unemployment position in Cambridge. Firstly, what age are JSA claimaints?

There’s a peak at 20-24, a plateau from 25-44, and the figures tail off after that – perhaps people are better at finding jobs as they get older, or possibly they move on to other benefits.

We can also look at whereabouts claimants live in the city:

Kings Hedges, Arbury, Abbey and East Chesterton have the largest number of claimants, and the student wards, Castle, Market and Newnham have the fewest. It’s also noticeable that most JSA claimants are men – they account for 68% of claimants overall.

Here’s how the claimant data looks on a map:

The map colouring here shows the percentage of the working-age population claiming JSA, ranging from 0.4% in Newnham to 4.5% in King’s Hedges.

These figures are all from September 2011. There’s a great deal more data on the Nomis website, including a lot of historical information – enough to keep a data geek busy for a long time.


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