The Pupil Premium in Cambridge

Figures have recently been announced for the amount of Pupil Premium to be paid to state schools in 2011-12. The Pupil Premium is additional funding paid to schools for children who qualify for free school meals (FSM), or who are “looked after” (i.e. in public care) or whose parents are in the Armed Forces. The bulk of the money is for FSM pupils. The Pupil Premium was one of the main planks of the Lib Dem manifesto at the last election, and we can expect to hear a lot about it in Lib Dem campaigns. But what does it mean for Cambridge?

Schools receive a premium of £488 for each FSM pupil. The percentage of FSM pupils varies widely across the city:

The primary schools are quite evenly distributed; amongst the secondaries, The Manor is well ahead of the rest. Of course some schools have more pupils than others, so the total amount of pupil premium varies with school size as well. Here are the total cash amounts to be paid to each Cambridge state school for FSM pupils:

Netherhall comes out top, with more than twice as many pupils as The Manor, though some of the primaries also do quite well.

How does the pupil premium relate to the overall size of the budget for each school? The total budget figures are available, though in a hard-to-reuse PDF format. Here are the relative sizes of the total budget and the pupil premium for the five schools getting the most pupil premium money:

While I’m sure the extra money will be welcomed by the schools, it’s still a relatively small amount in the context of their total budget – though the pupil premium is due to rise in future years.

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2 Responses to The Pupil Premium in Cambridge

  1. You’ve omitted Queen Edith School from the Pupil Premium chart

    • Phil Rodgers says:

      You’re right! Schools are listed by parliamentary constitiuency, and I had to add the Queen Ediths ones in by hand. I’ll fix it when I get a mo…

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