Cambridge Opinion on Bins with Microchips

Cambridge City Council recently conducted a survey asking residents for their views about bin collections. As well as an online survey, which got 431 responses, they also surveyed 1000 residents by telephone. I made a Freedom of Information request to get hold of the results.

One of the most controversial questions the survey asked was about “chip and bin”:

In order to implement a reward scheme it might be necessary for the bins to have microchips. The microchip would identify your bin so that points could be awarded based on the amount you recycle. Would you be interested in taking part in such a scheme?

The general response was pretty negative. Here are the results from the telephone survey:

The Other responses were mostly “Don’t know”, or people with communal bins saying it wouldn’t apply to them.

The picture from the on-line survey was much the same:

Although there were fewer negatives than in the telephone survey, there were also fewer people saying it would encourage them to recycle more – just 10.7%.

The survey also gives figures by dwelling type and household size. People living in different dwelling types were all more or less equally opposed:

The larger Other figure for flats mainly represents people with communal bins.

People living in households of one or two people were more opposed than larger households:

Particularly in the context of a reward scheme, this is a pretty solid thumbs down. It looks like Cambridge City Council will have an uphill struggle to get local residents to accept microchips in their bins.

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1 Response to Cambridge Opinion on Bins with Microchips

  1. Phil Rodgers says:

    A report on the survey’s findings is now on the City Council’s website at (7Mb PDF)

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