Attendance records of councillors seeking re-election

Eleven City Councillors are seeking re-election at the Cambridge local elections next week. No doubt many factors will influence the voters, but one we can measure easily is how often these councillors have turned up to meetings. The City Council website has detailed attendance records for councillors; here are the figures for the period since this particular batch were elected:

Most of these councillors were elected in May 2008, but Cllrs Znajek and Marchant-Daisley were elected in May 2010 after other councillors stood down early, and Cllr Owers won a by-election in November 2010 after the last Conservative on the Council, Chris Howell, resigned his seat.

There is quite a range in the attendance rate – though the number of meetings that councillors are expected to attend also varies quite a lot. Cllr Owers is top of the table with 32 out of 32, closely followed by Lib Dem executive councillors Smart and McGovern. Council leader Sian Reid is, perhaps surprisingly, some way down the table, having missed 6 of 42 meetings, followed by Independent councillor John Hipkin, who missed 11 of 56, including the latest full Council meeting held last week. Propping up the league are Labour’s Rob Dryden, who missed 24 of 100 meetings in the last four years, and Lib Dem Salah Al Bander, who missed 16 out of 63.

The data doesn’t give any indication of the reasons for meetings being missed; if the council collected this information too, it would help voters evaluate how good a job their elected representatives have been doing.

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1 Response to Attendance records of councillors seeking re-election

  1. juliahayward says:

    Meh. Come on out to the rural badlands, where you’ll find sub-50% and 6-month-rule disqualifications far too often.

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