Cambridge local elections – the results

The Cambridge local election results are all in now, and the detailed results are available on the City Council website. It was a tough night for the Lib Dems – they lost East Chesterton, Kings Hedges and Queen Edith’s to Labour and Trumpington to the Conservatives. Labour also took Abbey from the Greens, and the other Green councillor in Abbey announced his defection to Labour.

This graphic shows the swing from the Lib Dems to Labour in each ward since last year’s elections:

This graphic doesn’t tell the whole story of the election; the Conservatives won Trumpington ward and Independent councillor John Hipkin held his seat in Castle. But it does show the significantly different swing in the vote in different seats – the Lib Dems managed to swim against the tide in Romsey, Newnham and Market, but did particularly badly in Arbury and Queen Edith’s – the latter being the most unexpected result of the night.

The Lib Dems now have 21 councillors, with 19 for Labour, one Conservative and one Independent. Since the outgoing mayor is Lib Dem, the party can elect a new Lib Dem mayor and ensure continued control of the council on the Mayor’s casting vote.

The next City Council elections will be in May 2014, when the councillors elected in 2010 will be up for re-election. That year was a particularly good one for the Liberal Democrats; they won 11 seats, with Labour winning just two, and the Greens one (who yesterday defected to Labour). This means that in order to retain control, the Lib Dems will need to win all 11 of the seats they are defending. After last night’s results, this looks very close to impossible, and it is now almost certain that Labour will take control of the council at the next elections.

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