Cambridgeshire PCC election turnout

As I write, the votes in yesterday’s Police and Crime Commissioner elections have yet to be counted [update: results are here], but we do have figures for the turnout, which, as expected, was very low. In Cambridge, just 14.7% of the electorate went to the polls (or returned a postal ballot) – barely half the previous lowest turnout, which was around 28% in the 1998 local elections.

Here is a graph showing the turnout in each district of Cambridgeshire:

And here is the turnout in each area as a percentage:

The final bar shows the overall turnout for Cambridgeshire, 15.3%. Note that these figures include spoiled papers, which will not be identified until the main stage of the count, which begins at noon today. The verification stage of the count took place last night, which checks that the numbers of ballot papers in each box is as expected. Counting agents appointed by candidates are allowed to observe both parts of the count, and they will already have a good idea of the likely result.

Thanks to Richard Taylor for collating the numbers.

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