The result in Fulbourn

The most dramatic result of the Cambridgeshire elections took place just outside the city, in Fulbourn ward, where the leader of the Council, Conservative Nick Clarke, lost his seat to Lib Dem John Williams. Here is the full result, which wasn’t even particularly close:


Fulbourn result


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2 Responses to The result in Fulbourn

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  2. Geoffrey H Lloyd says:

    John Williams deserved to win at Fulbourn. He is a local man, has worked hard to keep in touch with his constituency and understands the needs and aspirations of local people far more than the bunch at Westminster will ever do. John had good local publicity, including a personal letter to each one of us. As leader of the Council Nick Clarke presumably he thought he was fireproof.
    It is unfortunate that many folk are so heavily influenced by what goes on at Westminster when it comes to exercising their democratic vote in local government. Many of us have profound misgivings about all the parties there but in local government local people want to see clear evidence of results. Good results. Of course, local Councillors need to be careful when pontificating about e.g. climate change – an issue of national and local importance – they do not make fools of themselves; Nick Clarke should be more careful before he opens his mouth on climate change. Ill-informed comments on global warming are in themselves unimpressive and he should not be so arrogant to assume that everyone is against wind-farms.

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