Crime in north Cambridge

Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire Constabulary have recently published a neighbourhood update for the north of the city, which amongst other things gives crime figures for the wards in the north of the city. Here are the number of reported crimes in the first three months of 2013:

Arbury has a poor reputation for crime, but on this data at least it isn’t particularly justified. It has more shoplifting and robbery than the other wards, but lower levels of cycle theft, and few house burglaries.

East Chesterton suffered more than the other wards from burglary, and had a relatively high level of vehicle-related crime. However it has fairly low levels of shoplifting and robbery.

Kings Hedges has the worst crime record in the north of the city for this period, with violent crime and criminal damage featuring prominently.

Relatively affluent West Chesterton was the most law-abiding of the northern wards, with the lowest levels of violent crime and criminal damage, though it did have the most cycle theft.

Finally, here are the figures for reported anti-social behavior in the same period:

This time East Chesterton is the top of the league, with Arbury, despite its reputation, having nearly as low a level of anti-social behaviour as leafy West Chesterton.

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1 Response to Crime in north Cambridge

  1. I suspect part of the reputation issue might be the difference between the area of Arbury ward, and the area people generally describe as “Arbury”. The reputation goes with the latter rather than the former.

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