Remaining Cambridge results

I’ve had about two hours sleep now, so these graphs are still a bit rough and ready, but here are the rest of them. For the official results head over to the City Council’s results page. Note that the City Council lists Labour separately from Labour and Cooperative, but in political terms the two are essentially the same – some Labour candidates choose to list themselves as also standing for the Cooperative Party.

Without further ado, then, below are the remaining results that I didn’t post earlier. Other results can be seen in my earlier posts:

Abbey, Arbury, Castle and Coleridge

Cherry Hinton and Trumpington

Kings Hedges and Newnham

E Chesterton: Peter Burkinshaw (UKIP) 328, John Jacob (Con) 260, Zoe O’Connell (LD) 1066, Peter Pope (Green) 299, Peter Sarris (Lab) 1076

Labour won the seat by just ten votes in the closest result of the night.

Market result: Alex Boyd (Con) 500, Maximilian Fries (Green) 721, Dan Ratcliffe (Lab) 903, Colin Rosenstiel (LD) 678


Colin Rosenstiel falls to third place after being suspended by the Lib Dems. The Greens do well.

Petersfield result (two seats): Sarah Brown (LD) 720, Daniel Coughlan (Con) 262, David Grace (LD) 317, Matt Hodgkinson (Green) 688, Richard Robertson (Lab) 1223, Ann Sinnott (Lab) 1280, Linda Yeatman (Con) 228


The Lib Dems close the gap compared to last year, but nowhere near enough to hold their seat. The Greens also did well.

Queen Edith’s result: John Beresford (Lab) 951, Joel Chalfen (Green) 363, Vince Marino (Con) 522, Tim Moore (Lib Dem) 1362


Although their vote share fell, the Lib Dems widened the gap over Labour, giving them a relatively comfortable win.

Romsey result: Dave Baigent (Lab) 1205, Simon Lee (Con) 206, Megan Parry (Green) 394, Paul Saunders (Lib Dem) 1093


One of Labour’s best results of the night, with former firefighter Dave Baigent unseating Lib Dem mayor Paul Saunders after a strong campaign.

And finally…

West Chesterton result: Ysanne Austin (Lib Dem) 1294, Shayne Mitchell (Green) 347, Mike Sargeant (Lab) 1275, James Strachan (Con) 353


The Lib Dems just held on by 19 votes.

The new council has 25 Labour councillors, 14 Lib Dems, 2 Independents, and one Conservative – a Labour majority of eight.


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