Results in Abbey, Arbury, Castle and Coleridge

The first few results are in:

Abbey result: Eric Barrett-Payton (Con) 328, Oscar Gillespie (Green) 480, Peter Roberts (Labour) 1130, Marcus Streets (Lib Dem) 384


A comfortable hold for Peter Roberts in Abbey, though the Labour vote share falling slightly. Conservatives also down, with Greens and Lib Dems up a touch.

Arbury result: Stephen Lawrence (Green) 444, James Mottram (Con) 385, Charlotte Perry (Lab) 1300, Tim Ward (Lib Dem) 722


Tim Ward loses his seat after 14 years, though with an improved performance over last year. Labour’s new councillor Charlotte Perry wins nearly twice as many votes. Other parties also up slightly.

Castle: Sandra Billington (Green) 409, Fergus Blair (LD) 717, Tom Byrne (Con) 281, Marie-Louise Holland (Ind) 737, Mark Reader (Lab) 565


A desperately close-run thing in Castle, with Independent Marie-Louise Holland just winning by 20 votes from the Lib Dem Fergus Blair. She joins her husband John Hipkin who also represents Castle ward as an Independent.

Coleridge result: Donald Adey (Lib Dem) 368, Sam Barker (Con) 430, Shaun Esgate (Green) 358, Lewis Herbert (Lab) 1326, Puffles (Ind) 89


Another easy win for Labour, though again their vote share falls slightly with the Lib Dems up. Puffles scores a respectable 89 votes, not bad for a dragon fairy.

More results are expected shortly.

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