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Results in Abbey, Arbury, Castle and Coleridge

The first few results are in: Abbey result: Eric Barrett-Payton (Con) 328, Oscar Gillespie (Green) 480, Peter Roberts (Labour) 1130, Marcus Streets (Lib Dem) 384 A comfortable hold for Peter Roberts in Abbey, though the Labour vote share falling slightly. … Continue reading

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Cambridge local election results, 2014

As I write I’m sitting in the balcony at the Guildhall, watching the first stages of the count for the local elections. The ballot papers for the European elections are also being ‘verified’, which means that the counting staff check … Continue reading

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My predictions for the Cambridge local elections

For the last couple of years, I’ve published some predictions for the results in each seat at the Cambridge local elections. Unlike most articles on this blog, these aren’t really based on any concrete data, beyond the previous results – … Continue reading

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Swing in Cambridge local elections

A few weeks ago I published an article that used a probability model to try to predict the range of likely outcomes in this year’s Cambridge local elections. As a couple of people pointed out, this model is mathematically a … Continue reading

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