Candidates for the 2015 Cambridge City Council elections


Cambridge City Council have now published the official list of candidates for the City Council elections on May 7th; here is a summary:

As you can see, my predicted set of candidates below was reasonably close; my apologies to Spencer Hagard and Geraldine O’Brien for incorrectly anticipating that they would stand in King’s Hedges and Abbey respectively.

Original article:

As I write, nominations have yet to close for the General and local elections which will take place on 7th May. The deadline for getting nominated in both elections is 4pm on Thursday 9th April, and the Elections department of the City Council will publish a statement of persons nominated soon after the deadline – the full timetable is here. So we don’t yet know exactly who will be on the ballot papers on polling day. Barring something totally unexpected, the General Election candidates will certainly include Julian Huppert (Lib Dem), Daniel Zeichner (Labour), Chamali Fernando (Conservative), Rupert Read (Green) and Patrick O’Flynn (UKIP). The list of local election candidates is less certain, but using a variety of sources I’ve put together my current best guess at who is going to be on the ballot papers in the 14 council seats being contested. Here it is:

The Lib Dems will certainly have candidates in all 14 wards, and the Conservatives very likely will. It’s possible we may see some more UKIP candidates too, and perhaps some Independents. Some of the Lib Dems are marked with an asterisk; these I haven’t yet seen announced as candidates, but I think they are likely to be. I’ll update this list as more details emerge – I’d be grateful to anyone who can supply additions or corrections.

I’ve also set up a list of local election candidates with Twitter accounts – you can find it here.

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