Cambridge Library Enterprise Centre process review

Following the collapse of the Cambridge Library Enterprise Centre project earlier this year, Cambridge County Council has launched a review of the process that led to this situation. The review is being led by councillor Mike Shellens, Chairman of the Audit and Accounts Committee. He is asking members of the public who believe they have relevant information to email it to the Council for consideration.

It seems that the period for sending in comments began six days ago, though the first I heard about it was earlier today (Sunday 9th August) in an email forwarded from a library campaigner – as far as I can see there is no mention that this review is seeking input from the public anywhere on the County Council’s website. However, as there is still a week of the consultation period still to go, I thought I would publish the email here so that members of the public with relevant information can respond. Here’s what the email says:

Enterprise centre process review

As part of the Council’s commitment to on-going improvement and scrutiny of itself, it is undertaking a review of the process that the organisation followed when recently considering the proposal to establish an Enterprise Centre as part of Cambridge Central Library (known as the CLEC). The Council is no longer pursuing this proposal.

The terms of reference for this retrospective review are:

That the Council’s Audit and Accounts Committee:

  • undertake a review of the process by which the CLEC proposals emerged and were developed and to make recommendations on how that process could be improved;
  • prepare a protocol, recognising the need to raise additional income, for dealing with new commercial proposals covering matters to include scoping of proposals to be considered, engagement with members and dealing with confidential information;
  • undertake a review of the Spokes position within the Committee system and how it could be more effective;
  • report the findings of that review to Council as soon as possible.

These terms of reference highlight that the review is focused on any improvements that could be made to the process the Council went through, and is therefore not a review of the merits of the proposal to create an Enterprise Centre or not.

Cllr Mike Shellens, Chairman of the Audit and Accounts Committee, would like to invite any member of the public who believes they have information relevant to the above terms to share this via the email address Contributions will be published online as part of the information gathered by the Committee, so please make it clear if you would not like your name included in published information.

Please submit any information you feel is relevant between 3 – 17 August 2015. Such information will then inform the considerations of the Committee, who will publish their conclusions publically.

Update: There’s now a press release on the County Council’s website with a deadline a week later.

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