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Stop & Search in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire Police Authority has recently published a review of its Stop & Search figures which has provoked a good deal of discussion on local blogger Richard Taylor’s website. I took a look at the data in the report. Firstly, how … Continue reading

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Unemployment in Cambridge

New unemployment figures released today show that UK unemployment has increased to 7.9%. The number of people claiming benefits is smaller, but has also increased, to 3.9% in August 2011. The claimant counts are available by Parliamentary constituency, so we … Continue reading

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Staff cuts at Cambridge City Council

A recent Freedom of Information request response published by Cambridge City Council (data here, here and here) gives an interesting view of how its staff profile has changed over recent years. From a high point of 1,284 staff in mid-2006, … Continue reading

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CCTV in Cambridge

Cambridge City Council started operating a CCTV system in 1997 with 31 cameras. It has since grown to 143 cameras around the city. The system is run by a manager, deputy manager, and eight operators, based in a control room … Continue reading

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