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Modelling the Cambridge City Council elections

In a few weeks, Cambridge voters will be going to the polls for the European Parliamentary elections, and also to elect one-third of the councillors on Cambridge City Council. I’ll be looking at the European elections in a future post, … Continue reading

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Political betting

Today is the tenth anniversary of, one of the best websites for analysis of British and international politics. One of the reasons it makes such essential reading for anyone interested in politics is that its focus on betting means … Continue reading

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Ladbrokes shift the odds on the next Cambridge MP

Ladbrokes have once again adjusted the odds they are offering for the result in the Cambridge seat at the next General Election – and once again the change is encouraging for the incumbent, Julian Huppert, though he still isn’t the … Continue reading

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The Population Structure of Cambridge

While I was researching my previous article on Cambridge’s population growth, I found that the County Council’s Research Group have some quite detailed projections about the structure of Cambridge’s population, and if you ask them nicely, they will send you … Continue reading

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Will Cambridge ever stop growing?

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Research Group has recently published some new projections of the future population of Cambridgeshire, up to the year 2031. There are some interesting changes since the previous set of projections, which I looked at back in 2011. There … Continue reading

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