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At the Council meeting reviewing the Kora library decision

This morning I spoke at Cambridgeshire County Council’s Highways & Community Infrastructure Committee meeting, which was debating the future of the Kora project at the library. Here’s (approximately) what I said: Good morning. My name is Phil Rodgers, and this … Continue reading

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My prediction for the Romsey by-election result

This is the first scheduled post I’ve done, so I’m hoping it’s appearing as if by magic at 10pm on Thursday. It’s been a busy day, so this’ll be brief. At the start of the campaign I expected Labour to win … Continue reading

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The battle over Romsey’s boundaries

As polling day in the Romsey by-election hurtles towards us, controversy has broken out about the proposed changes to Romsey’s boundaries. The Lib Dems have accused Labour of supporting “proposals that would rip apart the strong Romsey community”, while Labour have … Continue reading

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Romsey ward boundaries

With a week to go until polling day in the Romsey County Council by-election, the campaign is in full swing, with leaflets once again plopping onto doormats, and party workers exercising their knuckles across the area. As I’ve recently rejoined the … Continue reading

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Questions about Regus Kora

A number of people have been asking questions about Regus Kora, the company that has been working with Cambridgeshire County Council on the proposed Cambridge Library Enterprise Centre. After doing some further research, I have some questions too. My questions concern Roger … Continue reading

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Race against time for Cambridge Central Library

Following Tuesday’s meeting of its Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee, Cambridgeshire County Council yesterday (Thursday 4th June) published its Decision Statement – the full document is here, but the key decision about the Cambridge Library Enterprise Centre (CLEC), which councillors on the committee … Continue reading

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Risks to the Cambridge Library Enterprise Centre project

[See below for an update] At yesterday’s meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council’s Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee, one of the issues councillors had to decide was whether to proceed with the proposed Enterprise Centre at Cambridge Central Library. This controversial project proposes to … Continue reading

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Candidates for the Romsey by-election

With almost no time to recover from the General Election, residents of Romsey ward have been plunged into the fresh electoral excitement of a local council by-election. The County Councillor for Romsey, Kilian Bourke, has resigned his seat, which means that Romsey … Continue reading

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