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Cambridgeshire County Council chooses a new leader

Earlier today, Cambridgeshire County Council met for the first time since the local elections, and voted in Conservative Martin Curtis as its new Leader. This was despite the fact that the Conservatives no longer command an overall majority on the … Continue reading

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North Cambridge traffic speeds – a first look

As part of the 20mph speed limit project, the City Council have collected a lot of data about current traffic speeds in north Cambridge, where the first phase of the project is due to be rolled out. Commendably, they have … Continue reading

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Crime in north Cambridge

Cambridge City Council and Cambridgeshire Constabulary have recently published a neighbourhood update for the north of the city, which amongst other things gives crime figures for the wards in the north of the city. Here are the number of reported … Continue reading

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Votes per seat in Cambridgeshire

In my previous article I discussed the way that voter turnout relates to local party campaigning in local elections, with voters more likely to go to the polls in marginal wards where the parties are mounting more vigorous campaigns. Of course, … Continue reading

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Turnout in Cambridge local elections

In the Cambridge local elections last week, just 31.3% of the registered voters went to the polls, with nearly 70% staying away. This is a pretty typical level of turnout in our local elections – here is the graph for … Continue reading

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Cambridge Labour’s graphs and charts

Before the elections last week, the Cambridge Labour Party’s website featured this graph on its front page, showing Cambridge local election results over the last few years: Following the elections, they’ve replaced it with a bar chart showing only this year’s … Continue reading

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The prospects for the 2014 Cambridge City Council elections

With the County Council elections out of the way, the thoughts of many local party activists will  turn to visiting Reach Fair, having a bit of a rest, organising “Thank You” parties for election workers, and perhaps doing some work … Continue reading

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