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How the wards were won

Now that a couple of weeks have gone by since the elections, the Cambridge political scene has calmed down a little. Daniel Zeichner has taken his place in the House of Commons; Julian Huppert has taken his behind the bar at … Continue reading

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Postal voting in Cambridge

Here’s a quick look at postal voting in the recent General Election in Cambridge. Once upon a time, you had to give a reason for asking for a postal vote, such as being away on polling day, or having a … Continue reading

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The 2015 Cambridge election results in detail

Now that the dust has settled after Thursday’s extraordinary elections, here’s a detailed look at the results in Cambridge. The Parliamentary race was a desperately close-run thing, with Daniel Zeichner defeating Julian Huppert by just 599 votes, or 1.1% of the … Continue reading

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Why I am rejoining the Liberal Democrats

One of the things that first got me involved with politics was the battle over university tuition fees in the 1990s and 2000s. Fairness is one of the great driving forces in political ideas. It’s a basic human value. Small … Continue reading

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Where to find Cambridge City Council election results

I’m getting a number of visitors looking for the ward-by-ward results in the Cambridge local elections. I will be doing a post about them later, but in the meantime you can find the full results on the City Council’s website here – … Continue reading

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My prediction for the Cambridge 2015 General Election result

With polling day nearly here, it’s time to stick my neck out and have a go at predicting the Cambridge General Election result. Here’s how I think the candidates are likely to finish, in reverse order. I’m expecting Rebooting Democracy … Continue reading

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My predictions for the 2015 Cambridge local elections

With less than 72 hours to go until the polls open, it’s time to get my election-forecasting seaweed out of the cupboard once again and give it a good sniff. This year I’ll attempt to predict the results in each of … Continue reading

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